hostscope - Linux system monitoring tool for multiple hosts


hostscope displays key system metrics of Linux hosts, such as detailed CPU load, speed and temperature, I/O rates of network interfaces, I/O rates of disks, and user process summary information. All metrics are multicast on the LAN, if wanted, and clients can switch between multiple hosts on the network.

Its output looks like this:

Its help screen:


hostscope is beeing developed on Linux. For now only Linux is supported. Future versions might also support other systems.


Hostscope has a new, non-obvious feature: it has the capability to monitor multiple machines on the network. Just start a hostscope daemon (hostscoped) on every machine you want to monitor. Then start a hostscope anywhere on the network, and all machines will show up on a list at the bottom. You can now toggle through the available hosts, using the hotkeys h and H.


Version 5.0 md5=e5a48d4294988e530d88867683ab47b8 (current release)
Version 4.0 md5=d2de350de3f5ed3d6a01d8962a4c9c98
Version 3.0 md5=19ed16b15ce1bdacf5aad1f4412f06b9
Version 2.1 md5=5320267791d1474374f2d830d0c7c65a
Version 2.0.0 md5=cbd14b7ae6a9f8976d06007aa9871767
Version 1.0.0 md5=dd80a0e5d874f930fa232884e599e515
Version 0.2.0 md5=b65cb1a3864a357269955c5ba3eb11a8
Version 0.1.0 md5=11ef21681cee3456dcb24420a8d399ca (initial release)

Thomas Maier-Komor